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Our New Home

In August 2005, we signed a contract to begin construction on a new single family home at the Belmont Country Club in Ashburn! This is our first single family home, so we're both excited and terrified at the same time. We're currently still on target to close sometime in June. To the right is a progress slideshow documenting each step in the building process. Below are the two galleries for the house. Enjoy! Timeline:
Aug 14, 2005: Signed contract on new home construction
Oct 20, 2005:Completed all interior design choices
Dec 1, 2005:Broke ground - construction started!
Dec 4, 2005:Foundation completed
Feb 5, 2006:First floor construction begins
Feb 7, 2006:Second story construction begins
Feb 8, 2006:Roof added
Feb 11, 2006:Exterior framing complete
Feb 17, 2006:Ext Insulation & some windows added
Mar 4, 2006:All windows are in
Mar 10, 2006:Brick-laying begins
Mar 19, 2006:Bricks, Siding and Shudders are done!
Apr 5, 2006:Drywall construction is complete
May 1, 2006:Mudding, painting & electrical are complete
May 25, 2006:Carpeting is complete

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