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Welcome to theDrennans.com
Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site. I've been a web developer for more than 10 years and never got around to putting up a personal website until now. I guess having a baby with family all over the country is as good a reason as any to finally do it though.

So here's a quick tour. The right column here on the homepage will have the newest updates on what's going on in our lives. Once that news is old and stale, it'll be moved to the Older News section.

You can click on the Family link to see the growing list of family members, and what we're up to.

The Photo Gallery is pretty self-explanitory, and will be growing quickly in the near future. Hint: click on the thumbnail, then click the bigger version to get to the original full size image if you plan on downloading/printing.

The Favorite Links section contains links to our family wish lists, as well as some of our friends' websites and favorite places to visit on the web.

Hope you enjoy it!

What's New

Check out this cool little '3D' Slideshow I found called cooliris. I used Kylie's fashion show gallery to test it out.

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